Reporting Issues or Concerns at Cal Poly Humboldt

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The reporting options on this website provide campus and community members an opportunity to share important information with Cal Poly Humboldt. This is an internal reporting system and is intended to address concerns in a timely manner, with the goal of connecting individuals to the resources and information they need.

We encourage people to try and resolve issues by working directly with the person or office there is an issue with; the Ombuds Office can assist with this. They offer a confidential place to discuss problems or issues within the University, talk things through, and identify options for addressing concerns and mediating conflict. More information about their services and how confidentiality is handled can be found here.

What is a complaint?

A complaint may be defined as “an expression of dissatisfaction or concern that needs a response”. The expression of dissatisfaction or concern may take the form of an informal verbal complaint, an informal or a formal written complaint.

A complaint may be more than an objection to a decision or action by the University, its students or its staff. Examples of complaints may be claims of offensiveness, wrongdoing, misconduct, poor performance or ineffectiveness among others.

How do I know where to send my complaint?

Select one of the tabs above for information on where to direct many complaints that arise within the University community. For some types of complaints the manner in which they are investigated (and directed) changes depending on whether you are staff, faculty, or a student. Select your category group then the type of complaint. If a report needs to be routed to another office, the person who submitted the report and/or the individual affected by the situation will be notified, unless no contact information is provided in the reporting form.

Additional information about University policies are linked directly in the chart. Those making a complaint can expect their complaint to be dealt with promptly and fairly and in accordance with the appropriate procedure.

Information to include in your complaint:

  • First and last names of people who were involved, including witnesses
    • We encourage the use of an individual's affirmed name (also known as chosen or preferred names) on these reporting forms
    • Including a Humboldt ID and/or a campus email address ensures we are communicating with the correct people
  • The date, time and location (if known)
  • Any significant and direct quotes from involved parties
  • Any additional documentation such as emails, texts, messages or word documents can be attached to the reporting form
  • Any consequences or impacts for you as a result of the situation you are reporting
  • Any remedies you are seeking

Do Not Include:

  • Arm-Chair Diagnoses: Diagnoses must come from licensed individuals operating in their capacity as a health care professional. Unless the individual(s) in question have self disclosed a diagnosis to you, please report the concerning behavior only (e.g. "Over the course of several weeks I have noticed the student has extreme mood swings, alternating between enthusiasm and apathy." but not "This student is manic depressive").
  • Opinions/Judgments about an individual's character, personality, identity or other personal characteristics not related to the concerning issue.

Please note

  • Lack of information will delay processing of submitted reports. It is extremely important that you include complete and detailed information. Please do not email reports; these reporting forms are a more secure and reliable method of getting us the information.
  • Students have a right to access their educational records, and these reports are a part of those records. As such, all reports are not confidential.

If you believe there is an immediate or ongoing threat to the safety of an individual or campus community - including concerns about suicide or suicide ideation - contact emergency services (9-1-1).

Complaint Process Coordinator

If you are unsure of which form to select or where to start, please reach out to the Complaint Process Coordinator for assistance:

Pam Kirschner
Siemens Hall 211

Ombuds Office

The Humboldt Ombuds service is open to all students, faculty, and staff. We offer a safe place to discuss problems or issues within the University, and we can help you identify options for addressing specific concerns and resolving conflicts. Ombudspersons treat all inquiries as confidential (except as required by law or where there appears to be imminent risk of serious harm). Ombudspersons do not take a side in disputes. Overall, Ombudspersons are advocates for fairness and equity.

Policy Information

Cal Poly Humboldt and the CSU System policies can be searched and read in full at the following policy catalogs: